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Improving the acquisition of Phonics in Year 1

Improving the acquisition of Phonics in Year 1
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The study investigated the reasoning for a recent decline in the level of literacy skills of children entering school and the impact this has on children’s phonic acquisition as they progress through into year 1.

Many researchers recognised the influence of early intervention in pre-school age on improving the acquisition of phonics and speech. Theory failed to provide any further developments for children in the higher age ranges. As a result an intervention was planned in order to improve the acquisition of phonics for children in year 1.

The methods which were adopted for inquiry were textual analysis, pupil voice, and statistical analysis of learner’s outcomes and standardised reading scores. They were all taken post and pre-intervention in order to measure levels of improvement.

The results holistically showed small but significant improvements in the learner’s attitudes to phonics and reading. The learners identified a positive impact and a recognised improvement in themselves. Overall the intervention was successful with a small number of barriers.

Teaching professionals need to be aware of the positive impacts research and inquiry can have in their classrooms. This inquiry echoes the views that research which is carried out by practitioners themselves, with the findings disseminated have the greatest impact and create a knowledge base which can be shared amongst the teaching profession.

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  • Project Reference: 2005