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How can I Promote Reading for Pleasure in the Primary School Classroom?

How can I Promote Reading for Pleasure in the Primary School Classroom?
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Richard is a Year 2 teacher at St. Thomas Community Primary School which is located in Swansea East. His action inquiry project explored ways of improving attitudes towards reading so that children can start to take more enjoyment from their reading.The study followed five children, three girls and two boys who participate in a small book club. All five children were aged seven at the time of the intervention. Pupil voice activities revealed that all five children believed that reading at home was not as important as other activities such as watching television and playing computer games. The Literature Review further revealed that children who develop a joy for reading are more likely to force social change and develop better life chances. Various research suggested that developing pleasure from reading could be achieved through the establishment of a book club focussing on developing understanding through discussion.

Richard found that when children are introduced to a range of new text types, such as plays and non-fiction, they developed a greater enthusiasm for these. One child in particular enjoyed non-fiction texts so much that she asked her parents to purchase a set of them for use at home. Post-intervention interviews also revealed that the children enjoyed discussing texts with their peers. Through completing the process of action research, Richard has learnt that there is huge potential for children to learn when they come together to have in depth discussions about texts. He also found that there are opportunities to develop children’s confidence at reading when they work closely with their peers. He has learnt that besides developing Literacy skills there are also opportunities to develop oracy skills, collaboration skills, reasoning skills and develop children’s general knowledge.

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