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The transfer of numeracy skills across the curriculum.

The transfer of numeracy skills across the curriculum.
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The author got the original idea from his colleagues who stated that learners had difficulty applying numeracy skills in their lessons. It was a problem as they grasped the mathematical facts but could not use these facts to solve a problem.
The main focus of the inquiry was to improve the way learners transfer the numeracy skills across the curriculum. The literature review examines education through collaboration, working independently, practical tasks and tasks of inquiry. Using the literature as inspiration, a series of lessons was planned in order to seek to provide numeracy education that was in context for the learners. These activities included aspects of working individually/collaborating, practical aspects, tasks of inquiry and independence from the teacher.

Y7 learners took part in the intervenion as the numeracy aspect in question, ‘measuring and estimating’, was more relevant to them. The learners completed a questionnaire and took part in focus groups in order to assist the process of data collection from the learners’ perspective. Observations of the intervention’s main lessons were undertaken by my head of department and colleague. There were examples of the learners working independently of the teacher to solve the problems. By doing this there was evidence of developing thinking skills and discussing mathematics.

The author’s intention was for learners to use numeracy skills in an unfamiliar context but also to provide them with an opportunity to develop their problem solving skills by working independently of teacher support.

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