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Develop the oracy and participation of learners through the medium of drama and role playing.

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The focus of my investigation was how to encourage passive learners to contribute more orally in lessons. This concern grew when considering the learning habits of five children/learners in my Year 5 class. As my school serves a very disadvantaged area, the teacher felt that this would also help the school close the achievement gap caused by poverty. It is aimed towards developing the oracy and communicaton skills of the learners by implementing role playing and drama strategies in the form of a series of games relevant to the context of our language-themed lessons.
My preliminary investigation showed that such learners were common in the classes of my colleagues too. So, investigation in the field could have an effect on the teaching of others and offer more opportunites to children to improve their acheivements.

My literature review led me to understand more about the value of role playing and drama strategies in the classroom. The author learned that drama was a very effective medium when trying to develop the literacy and personal skills of young learners (Stevens, 2015). A series of role-playing games were developed based on literature with the aid and ideas of my professional co-workers.
The intervention was conducted over a course of a fortnight, during Welsh and English lessons, expediating the process of co-working for the learners. In the lessons, the learners were encouraged to discuss and share ideas, and were offered opportunities to express themselves when they were keen to do so.
Various data was collected by introducing surveys to co-workers, observing the focus learners during the intervention and through conducting a focus group to understand more about the viewpoints and experiences of learners themselves.The surveys for co-workers was a useful way to hear the comments of other teachers of the investigation's focus and their experiences of similar situations.
By analysing the data, we see that the intervention has had a positive effect on the learners, as they show more enthusiasm towards work and an interest to use oracy skills to complete the tasks. Additionally, evidence presents clear ideas about the learners' feeling as they work closely with friends and their fears over contributing orally in front of the class.

After conducting the intervention, I investigated further into how I had developed as a teacher-leader which was also a literaty intervention. Some strong ideas were presented and I have benefited from them whilst broadly noting my hopes and expectations for the future based on what I have learned from conducting the intervention.

© [Osian Pritchard] January 2016

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  • Author: Osian Pritchard
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  • Project originally written in: Welsh
  • Project Reference: 2014