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Could DT learning at KS3 be improved by a change in literacy practices?

Could DT learning at KS3 be improved by a change in literacy practices?
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This inquiry looks at how a change in literacy tasks affects the learning of a focus group of seven pupils within a year 8 DT class in a South Wales valley mixed comprehensive. It will consider the alternative opposing perspectives on teaching pupils to read subject matter texts in order to improve their learning of subject content offered by content-area reading and disciplinary literacy approaches, as well as investigating what the ‘middle road’ has to offer.

Literacy is a Welsh Assembly Government (WAG) priority area so the inquiry is set against the context of the newly introduced and statutory Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF). An intervention design is discussed and then carried out, involving new literacy tasks being taught to pupils. It will be a hands-on, small scale, action research inquiry design and will use a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches to collecting data. Data analysis will look at pupils perceptions of their learning, and other measures, in a ‘more or less than’ comparison between the original and new literacy tasks. The final part of this inquiry is a reflective analysis of the impact of the intervention and the potential for future change.

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