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Experimenting with strategies to raise English reading standards of pupils at the beginning of KS2

Experimenting with strategies to raise English reading standards of pupils at the beginning of KS2
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'Schools need to speed up the process of improvement in reading so that pupils achieve higher standards by the end of KS2' (Estyn, 2014).

The above quote crystallises the intention and purpose of the author's research project. Since introducing the Literacy and Numeracy framework back in 2012, there is a greater emphasis on schools to raise the literacy levels of pupils of all ages.

This investigation focuses on a cohort of year 3 pupils in a Welsh-medium school in south Wales, who are receiving formal English lessons for the first time in their school education. Before the start of the investigation, the author noticed that the progress in their English reading age wasn't sufficient for them to reach a reading age that matched their chronological age and allowed them to read facts etc in order to learn other things by the end of the academic year.

As a result, the author decided to make experimenting with many different strategies a basis for his investigation to try to raise the reading age of these pupils. The intervention consisted of eight consecutive sessions which focused on different reading abilities. These abilities include:

  • the phonic element of recognising sounds within words
  • decoding words to form sentences
  • reading and comprehending text.

Over the last few months, the author has researched the best ways to teach English reading (second language) to pupils. The author collated a range of data, such as:

  • statistical data
  • varied surveys
  • chats with pupils
  • classroom assessments

The various strategies were found to be of great benefit to the sample of pupils and it was noticed that their reading age had raised significantly during the year.

Following the research, the school in question has intertwined elements of successful research to the daily schedule in years 2, 3 and 4. This project is a detailed one, which will investigate a range of strategies that aim to raise standards of literacy for pupils of primary school age. The findings are interesting and engage the reader.

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Additional Info

  • Project originally written in: Welsh
  • Project Reference: 6012